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  • Set up payroll processing with ADP
  • Ensure payroll is compliant with State and Federal Labor Regulations

Small businesses today need a strong network of support to run their business. As your business partner, Bob Berry CPA will draw upon his CFO experiences to provide the support and assistance for your business as outlined in his summary of experience at “About Me Page”:


  • Record accounting transactions either monthly or quarterly.
  • ​General Ledger Maintenance including adjusting entries to correct any errors in the accounts.
  • Reconcile business bank accounts.
  • Provide training to business owner to enter accounting transaction, if desired.
  • Provide timely financial feedback by providing financial reports on business Profit & Loss, and Balance Sheet on a monthly or quarterly basis to measure your sales and expenses in arriving at a net income and measuring your company’s assets and liabilities.
  • Review financial reports with business owner to ensure that business owner fully understands the company’s financial position, and prepare key metrics to measure the progress or efficiency of your business through the use of key ratios.
  • Prepare financial projections, including budgets and cash flow analysis to assist business owner in planning the future of their business.
  • Assist owner in providing information to a local banker for purposes of securing a business loan or business line of credit. 
  • Prepare personal financial statements for the business owner.
  • Assist in filing county, city and state business tax returns, sales tax returns and business property tax returns. 
  • Assist in HR compliance and review of employment agreements. 
  • Coordinate risk management with business owner. 


I want to be sure your QuickBooks are set up properly to ensure an accurate accounting of your business activity.  Some of my services include: 

  • Recommend appropriate QuickBooks accounting software for QuickBooks Online, or with QuickBooks Desktop Pro, or QuickBooks Point of Sale Software.
  • Assist in establishing accounting software preferences.
  • Set up a chart of accounts that is customized to fit your specific business needs.
  • Provide business owner with overview of cash and accrual basis of accounting​.


  • Recommend sound accounting procedures and policies.
  • Set Up “Books” in a user-friendly accounting system, such as QuickBooks.
  • Create an accounting Chart of Accounts, client and customer files.