Certified Public Accountant

Bob Berry is a Certified Public Accountant servicing Los Angeles, and the San Fernando and Conejo Valleys offering  accounting services to small businesses including start-ups. 

Whether you need help in getting started or need help in bookkeeping, accounting, or need assistance in complying with other business issues, contact Bob Berry CPA, Certified Public Accountant.

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Quickbooks Consulting Services 

Recommend appropriate accounting software, provide overview on use of QuickBooks, and provide a basic understanding of the cash and accrual basis of accounting.

I offer a complete range of accounting and financial consulting services including:

Unfortunately, many new business owners discount the importance of accounting, and in an effort to cut costs, they often choose to do their own bookkeeping and accounting. In many cases, most of new business owner’s accounting has to be re-done. Too often, some business owners don’t realize the complexities of running their business.

You may know your business well but you may not be an expert in running every part of the business, and I can provide my experience to support your business and work with you to drive your business forward.

The most cost effective way to keep an accurate financial record of your business would be to outsource the bookkeeping and accounting functions to an experienced business minded CPA that will allow the business owner to focus on the development of their business. Hiring an outside accountant/CPA can often cost less than the salary and benefits of a full time company employee.

A CPA for small business, who can provide a cross section of professional services for growing companies and start-ups. Most small businesses will need the services of several professionals at some point in time, such as an accountant or bookkeeper to get your books in order and to track and measure the success of their business. At some point in time you will need the services of someone who can assist you and your attorney in drafting or negotiating business agreements.

You will also at some point need the services of someone who can assist you in securing appropriate business insurance coverage. You may have a need for someone who can assist you in adopting a company policy to address various federal and state human resource guidelines. As outline in “About Me”, I have provided these services for many years in private industry and I can offer these services to you without you having to seek out the services of several additional different professionals.  

For start-up businesses, in addition to the above
*services, I can assist you and your attorney in choosing the appropriate form of business, and assist you in preparing and filing documents for incorporation.  I can also “set up” your books to ensure that you have a sound accounting system from the beginning. I can assist the start-up by providing bookkeeping and accounting services to record the business transactions and generate essential monthly financial statements to monitor the success of your business. 

Financial Projections

Prepare budgets and cash flow analysis to help you plan the future of the business.

Accounting System

Set up company books, create the company chart of accounts, record business transactions, and prepare financial reports on company's financial position. 


The Value of Outsourcing

Payroll Processing

Set up payroll through ADP and ensure compliance with State and Federal labor regulations.


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